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daises-and-freedom: I haven't heard from my so in three days.. last thing I heard from him was he was getting done with his disciplinary board.. meaning he may get extra duty, discharged, or over seas.. I just want a call from him.. we've barley talked in a month... ya know hes going through depression... and this is making me scared. i'm panicking, i'm crying, i'm just scared because I realized now.. that I love him and he's depressed and his dreams are slipping away.. and i can't do anything but sit here and cry 

I am so sorry about this love :( It’s crazy to me that he wouldn’t even text you quick just to say he is okay.  This might seem crazy, but if I were you I would message one of his friends (if you know any of them) and ask them to check on him just to see if he is okay.  You’re worried about it and you have a right to be.  I can totally understand how you feel.  It hurts to know that you can’t do anything to change the situation.  Just try to keep being your supportive self.  I wish I could be more help:( Stay strong we are all here for you <3

xoxo Alexa


I am so beyond happy to have this man home safe and sound! We’ve been married a little over a year, nine months of it he has spent deployed, and before that we were long distance. FINALLY we get to start a life together. I love him more than I could ever explain.
daises-and-freedom: My SO has depression, like really really bad depression.. he didn't tell me up front but my friend told me it.. he mentioned that he MAY have it but I can tell now.. it makes sense.. I visited him for a week at his base and when I left back to my(our) home town he became distant and rarely talks to me.. he was pulled from his regiment which meant everything to him,and now he's being stationed over seas! we are sticking together,i told him I want to.. any advice? his depression was so bad... 

I can absolutely relate to this.  My SO also suffers from depression.  The main thing is that you cannot take it personally.  It is nothing against you.  Depression is a terrible disorder.  It is so difficult to come out of it.  I know this first hand from my experience as well as my father’s experience with depression.  The only person who can bring him out of that state is himself when he is ready.  You just have to be patient and make sure he knows you are always there for him.  It gets a little exhausting every day I can totally understand that, but I promise you in the end it will benefit him so much when he knows that you were there through it all and were always supporting him.  I’m not saying to let him stay this way forever.  He needs to be active in recovering from it.  Notice patterns of him staying home all the time, not talking to family, not talking to friends, and not being willing to share information with you about his feelings.  Sometimes you do need to give some tough love to make him realize that it’s time to get out of bed, get dressed, and make something of the day!  Overall, be supportive and be his strength.  He needs someone to guide him and keep him uplifted.  If you ever need to talk privately you are more than welcome to message me personally since I deal with this with my SO as well.  my url is farfromwhereyouare.tumblr.com Stay strong love.  It gets better <3

xoxo Alexa

Anonymous: My so's bday is next week!!! We've only been dating for a month, known each other or a couple years.. he's at medic school now and is leaving overseas in two months... any idea's of what to get him? I saw cute matching rings from Lord Of The Rings, which we both love, but I think it might be too soon to do rings? I kinda want him to get it for me first! what did all the admins give their bf's for the first birthday they were together? 

Happy early birthday to him! :) I would say that the rings might not be a good idea.  Men and women can only wear rings with their uniform when they are legally married and I am sure you want to get him something that he will actually be able to use every day!  What I just did for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday a few weeks ago was I painted a wine glass and put his family nickname on the front.  I painted it at a store where they fire it up for you and make it all glassy and pretty :) and I also baked his favorite cookies, wrote a cute letter with cute cards, and I made a love coupon book!  There were coupons like: a car wash, one wish (within reason), a cuddle sesh, you pick the restaurant, etc. Click here to see all of these things on my page!  For the love coupons, I just typed “love coupons” on google and searched through a couple sites and ended up finding a bunch that let you print out the coupons :) They were super cute and really easy to make!  And my boyfriend loved them :)  I’ve always given him really creative things because he is impossible to shop for lol.  Just put love into it and I am sure he will absolutely appreciate everything you do for him!

xoxo Alexa

babsftw: My fiancé left for basic 4 weeks ago. I'm 28weeks and 3 days pregnant with our first little miracle son. He's 23 and I'm 22 and sometimes I don't see how these younger milsos can keep their calm. I don't think if it's my hormones but I'm emotional more than a lot of the times. I know this is just the start and I know so many milsos have gone through so much and I commend them. But lately my break downs have a been a bit worse due to house hold stress. What do you ladies do to keep so calm? 

I love to spend time with my friends and family.  They are the people who keep me calm :) Just talking about your worries can make everything so much better.  Also, keep telling yourself that you shouldn’t worry about things that are out of your control.  It’s the truth.  99% of worries you may have don’t actually happen!! Remember we are all here because we have advice to give based on our own experiences.  There are so many people in your position that I am sure can lend a hand when you are feeling stressed.  Lean on the people who you love and who love you :) And don’t forget to come visit us here if you ever need to just vent or need advice of course!  And congratulations on your son :)

xoxo Alexa

dogsrightsactivist: Hey! I'm a sophomore in college and my bf left for army basic a month ago and won't be back from ait until December so I know how you feel. Message me if you want to talk! 

Hello love! Thanks for coming here :) I am sure there are tons of people that would love to chat!

xoxo Alexa

Please let this be an active blog.. my man just left for basic last week and I started my first year of college this week. I’ve never felt lonelier and I’m having a lot of trouble getting out of my comfort zone when all I can think of is missing him… He hasn’t even been able to write yet and I’m stockpiling letters to send him when I receive an address. Anyhow, if any of y’all have been in a similar situation or having any helpful words, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Congratulations to Emily!

Congratulations to one of our beautiful members, Emily, on having a gorgeous baby girl!! This is her and her husbands first child. We love you Emily! ❤️❤️