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Anonymous: That person you just added to the directory doesn't even have anything in their tumblr. With all the crazy out there about the military you should probably make sure they're a real person before adding them. I've seen this happen on other milso blogs too 

I appreciate your concern; however, it really isn’t my place to decide whether someone is worthy enough of being on the directory.  They could be just starting out on tumblr or just use it to connect with people.

xoxo Alexa

jock11gordon: I found this blog and really enjoy everyone's thoughts and stories. May I join? I'm Jocelyn and my boyfriend is a Marine. The Milso life is more difficult than I imagined. When he's away, nothing seems right. 

Of course! I added your name to the directory :) We are all here for you if you ever need advice or to vent.  Don’t hesitate to send in a message <3

xoxo Alexa

Anonymous: Hey! My SO graduated from Great Lakes RTC in three weeks, and I'm going there alone. I'm not old enough to rent a car, and don't have a lot of money. I'm packing very light! Any advice you could give? Or any other MilSO's who's sailor is graduating the 7th who want to car pool? 

Congratulations on seeing your SO soon! :) I would just say have everything planned out before you get there. Let people know where you are going to be and keep them updated on where you are. You can never be too safe :) have so much fun! Anyone else going to be there as well? Comment for this lovely follower!

Xoxo Alexa

Naples or Whidbey Island?

[Sharmaine, US NAVY MILSO]

So my boyfriend and I are planning on leaving together next year when his time is up here on Guam (August 2015). He’s offered me a bunch of next duty station options and we’ve narrowed it down to Whidbey Island, Washington and Naples, Italy. 

I’m not sure if this helps but he’s an IT. He’s expecting to be promoted to Petty Office 2nd Class pretty soon too. On the other hand, I am graduating from college by May 2015 with a B.A. in Elementary Education. And I am contemplating a Master’s degree wherever we end up. And we’re not engaged OR married yet. But it is pretty serious.

Anyway. I just wanted to get input from any of you milsos out there who have been at either or both of these places.

I’d like to know what it was like for YOU, as an individual. What it was like for HIM, in the Navy. And what it was like for BOTH of you, as a couple.

What was living at either places like?

iloveyoualwaysandforeverz: Hey so my bf is in bootcamp now for the marines and he's guna be back next month!!(: he's written letters saying he's missed me and loves me but what if he come back and doesn't want me anymore? He's here for 10 days and is leving again I haven't seen him in 3 months, what if he doesn't like me anymore or want me? 

I literally felt the exact same way when my boyfriend was deployed, but then I realized when he came home that it was absolutely ridiculous!!  You are the part of home he is holding close to his heart and I’m sure the one person that he is the most excited to see :) Have faith in your relationship and how far you both have come!  

If he does feel differently when he comes home and there is tension, then have a talk about it.  If you love each other very much there should be a conversation.  It shouldn’t be as simple as walking away from someone who has been supporting you and waiting for you while you have been away.  I can’t see anyone doing that unless something completely drastic has happened like cheating.  Anyways, I’m getting off topic lol sorry.

Be true to your relationship and remember that he took the time to write you during boot camp!  That was for a specific reason :) Because he LOVES you!!! Congratulations on getting your man back and congratulations to him on completing boot camp!!!  Update us on how everything goes and if you still need to vent or talk about this feel free to message any of the members privately :)

xoxo Alexa

heartopen-headup: Can I please be added to the directory?! My boyfriend is a Marine. 

Added :) xoxo

kinksofalltraits: Can you please add me to the directory? My name is Ola-Cymone and my boyfriend's branch is Army 

Of course! Added :) xoxo

Anonymous: I met my boyfriend at basic. He's active duty, I'm national guard. He's deployed in Afghanistan and we've been long distance most of our relationship. It's kind of out a strain on us and sometimes he ignores me on purpose. I can tell by the way he talks to me he still cares, how can I keep continue to keep faith. I know he's my soulmate but our relationship is more stress then happiness right now. 

Hi anon, thank you so much for writing!  I feel like this is very common, unfortunately.  Long distance can definitely be very strenuous when all you want for your relationship is happiness.  No matter what, your relationship should bring you joy and unfortunately if it doesn’t then I don’t think it is the right relationship for you.  I don’t think it is ever okay for someone to ignore you on purpose, no matter the situation.  Please don’t accept that in your relationship.  You deserve a lot better than that!  I think the best thing to do is keep honest and open communication with your boyfriend.  If you tell him how you feel I am sure he will feel the same way and maybe you can come up with a way to make it less stressful on both of you.  It is really exhausting to feel that way every single day.  Keep telling each other how much you love one another.  You can really never say it enough :) Talk about the future and your plans together.  Plan things out.  Make dreams together.  The future is what you have to look forward to!  I hope things get better love.  We are all here for you.

xoxo Alexa


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