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squats-and-cowgirlboots: Hi there ! I need some advice, my boyfriend is getting promoted in the next couple of days and I will be the one pinning him, but I have no idea what to wear to his promotional ceremony since I've never been to one before! Any advice on what you usually wear to those ? Thank you! 

Congratulations to your boyfriend!! I’m actually pinning my husband for promotion on Friday as well! My husband told me that it’s not too formal, so just a cute summer dress and small heals or even flip flops would be fine! I’m going to be wearing a Hi-Low one shoulder blue chiffon sun dress, and a pair of white sandals. Any almost-knee length or longer dress should be appropriate! If you want, you can send me some choices or even post them to your blog and ask for opinions! Let me know which one you pick, I’d love to see it!! 

-Emily (emilymaxine)

l-o-n-g-hair-a-n-d-sandy-a-i-r: Brittany- Navy (He's going to be a SEAL) 

Thank you love! added :)

maryboberries: I am so new to all of this. My boyfriend and I have known each other for nearly a decade through family and we just started dating about a month ago. I feel so fortunate to be able to spend so much of this last month with him but now it's down to the last week before he deploys. He will be deployed for a year and I just am concerned that I am not prepared for what's to come. What can I expect? How do I cope with him leaving for so long? 

The only thing to say is that deployments suck. It’s difficult to get acclimated at first, but once he leaves and you get communication established and you get used to his schedule then it gets a lot better. Expect that he will most likely not talk to you as much as you do now. The time difference will account for that and also that he will be working all the time and doing missions. Just try and be patient with him and remember that he wants to talk to you so bad! And he will contact you when he has time. The main thing I always say to people is to stay busy. Everyone says that, but it’s so true. During my boyfriends 9 month deployment, I went to school full time and that helped me so much. I was busy all the time and it made the time go by so much faster. Set goals for yourself each month! Also, it’s important to lean on your friends and family. They are there for a reason and they may not fully understand what you’re going through, but they will be there for you if one day you just need a good cry or someone to give you a big hug! Overall, stay strong for him. You don’t want him worrying about you when obviously you want him to just worry about himself and coming home to you. Support him every day and always let him know that you’re thinking of him. Once you have his address, get to work on those care packages! They will make him so happy I promise you :) Remember you have people on tumblr who have been through this and are more than willing to help you. I met so many wonderful people while my boyfriend was deployed, who checked in on me and were there for me when I needed to vent or when I just needed to talk to someone because I was lonely! We are all here for you love and we will continue to help you through this! If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Stay strong beautiful.

Xoxo Alexa

classof13: Although my boyfriend and i didn't make it through our relationship, i'm here for any women/men who need someone to vent to or talk to about anything. My ex is stationed in Japan and i know how deployment can be. So i just wanted to say i'm here for anyone if needs be. :) 

I’m so sorry about that love :( that’s never easy. But it’s so refreshing to find someone who is not bitter about it and is willing to help others with their own experiences :) I hope everything goes well for you love and thank you so much for your lovely message!

Xoxo Alexa

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My fellow military spouse recently opened an amazing online boutique, she’s just starting out show her love! She’s a great gal one of my bffs!