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This is a network support group for all milso's. We want you to know we are all here for you, so feel free to message any of us if you need advice, a friend, just someone to rant to, or even submit your stories and pictures. We'd love to hear for you! xx If you would like to keep a message private please let us know, as all other messages will be published.

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helpful websites:
----------- janes-list.com/deployment-tips ------------- marineparents.com ---- military.com/spouse ----- facebook.com/ourdeployment101 --
Open when you need to know how much I love you
Open when you’re mad at me
Open when you miss me
Open when you’re lonely
Open when you’re happy
Open when you’ve had a long day
Open when you’ve had a bad day
Open when you’re sick
Open when you’ve left me after visiting
Open when you can’t sleep
Open when you’re horny
Open when you’re imagining our future
Open when we can’t communicate with each other
Open when you need a reminder of all the things I love about you
Open when you need motivation/encouragement. 
Open when you need to laugh. 
Open when you’re bored. 
Open when we’re fighting (and it’s your fault) 
Open when we’re fighting (and it’s my fault) 
Open when you need a kiss (which I added a candy kiss in the letter haha) 
Open when you miss America (because he is also deployed and I love photography so, I added a lot of pictures I have taken of the beach and stuff)
Open when you need some lovin’ (take a piece of paper and lay it on a flat, hard surface and grab some lipstick; put A LOT of the lipstick on and kiss the paper as it lays flat; now they will have a bunch of kissies from you!)
Posted: Sat May 25
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